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Application for registration of contractors in APSPDCL
Loans & advances eligible Seniority list
H T Wheeling data for July 2012
Replies to objections on FSA 2010-11 & 2011-12
FSA Proposals for 2011-12
FSA Proposals for 2010-11
Loans & Advances eligible seniority lists
Integrated seniority list of sub-engineers
Retail Supply Tariff Schedule for FY 2012-13
Revised Provisional Seniority List Of Asst. Engineers (Including Contract Service )
Revised Provisional Seniority List Of JAOS (Including The Contract Service )
Consolidated SPDCL SSR for the year 2011-12.
Recognised Hospitals Approved By APSPDCL
Replies to the objectors on FSA petition filings
Replies to Objections Suggestions on ARR 11-12 in Telugu
List of RGGVY works completed from Nellore Circle-Fully Completed Villages
List of RGGVY works completed from Nellore Circle-Partially Completed Villages
ARR & PROPOSAL TARIFF'S for year of 2011-12
Common Standard Schedule of Rates (SSR) FOR THE YEAR 2009-10
Un-mapped services for down load(Krishna)
Un-mapped services for down load(Guntur)
Un-mapped services for down load(Prakasam)
Un-mapped services for down load(nellore)
Un-mapped services for down load(Chittor)
Un-mapped services for down load(Kadapa)
Terms and Conditions of Supply
New Service Connections Application Form
Transfer of Service Application Form
Complaints Application Form
Customer Service Centers/Electricity Call Centers Addresses and Phone Numbers