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Customer Care

1912 (or) 1800425155333


Documentsrequired at the time of registration:

 A)   New Services:: Both LT& HT

i)   Completed & Signed application form along with the signeddeclaration in duly incorporating the  Mobile & Identity Proof (any one of the following:


2.Election Identity  Card,




6.Driving license).


ii)        a. Proof of Ownership (any of the following

1.   Sale   deed,

2.Allotment,Possession letter,

3.Municipal Tax receipt,

4. Giftdeed,

5. Willdeed or any other  valid document ) 


      b. An indemnity bond (to be executed onRs.100/-Non-Judicial or Rs.100/-Specialadhesive stamp paper) drawn by the owner of   the premises   in favor of the companywhereby the owner of the premises undertakes to indemnify the company of anyloss causes to the company by the applicant  who is the tenant / occupant of the premises) arising out of the release of service to the tenant /occupant.


      c. Any applicant, who is not coveredunder (a) and (b)  above , shall execute an INDEMNITY BOND (to be executedon Rs.100/-Non-Judicial or Rs.100/-Special adhesive stamp paper), indemnifyingthe licensee against any damages payable on account of any dispute arising outof supply of power to the premises. He shall also pay three times of SecurityDeposit. 

B)     For industrial Services both HT & LT::  in addition to the  ' A' above

        iv)      Should be routed through the District Single Window only

C)      For Group houses,Apartments, Layouts:: in addition to the 'A'   above

        v)       Proceedings and approved plan by the concerned authority.

D)       Documentsrequired for all other Customer services .

       vi)     Completed & Signed application form along with the signeddeclaration in  duly incorporating  the Mobile  & Aadhar number.

      vii)      Copy of the CC bill (need not be the latest). This is only toensure the correctness of   consumer number, even it is not submitted, it cannotbe a ground for rejection of application.

    viii)     For Address correction and Permanent Dismantlement casesoriginal consumer in whose    name   the  service is released shall present .


Documents   required at the time of release ofservice:

For all HT andApartments services CEIG approval at the time of release of service.

Development charges to be collected from the consumers