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      For Taking Domestic Service for Residential Purpose and for Commercial Purpose :
      Requisition for supply of energy:

      Application-com-Agreement form (commonly called 'A' form) which can be had free of charge is to be filled for taking service connection from any "Consumer Service Center" which is under the control of Addl. Assistant Engineer / Assistant Engineer. The domestic service comes under category I, which will be released only for residential purpose. If the supply is being utilized for other than residential such as for shops, office, business etc. the service will be given under commercial category under Category II.

      The requisition in the prescribed 'A' form shall be made bys the owner or occupier of the premises for which supply is required and shall indicate his full name and address and communication address. Any assistance or information required in filling up the form will be given to the applicant at the local office of the AP TRANSCO (now it is called "Consumer Service Center")

      The applicant should pay the application fee of Rs. 25/- for cat I & V and Rs.50/- for other LT categories. Rs.100/- for HT service (in favour of SAO/Central Office) for registering the application in cash at Asst. Accounts Officer of concerned ERO of the area in the city and DD in favour of "Assistant Accounts Officer / AP TRANSCO" in rural areas. The applicant should submit the following with his application.

      a)  proof of ownership of the premises.
      b) Completion-cum-wiring certificate from the Licensed Electrical Constrict approved by the Electrical Licensing authority of the Government.
      c)  should submit the "no objection certificate" from the owner of the premises for taking commercial supply  to the tenant in his name.


      Subject to the provisions of the Indian Electricity Act 1910 and Electricity (Supply) Act 1948 the Board shall not be bound to supply energy to the consumer is remunerative.
      If the scheme does not work out to be remunerative on the basis of the standards prescribed bys the Board from time to time, the Board may stipulate special guarantee in such cases.

      Service Lines :

      After receipt of a requisition, subject to availability of power, an Engineer or Line Inspector of the AP TRANSCO will inspect the premises and fix the point of entry of the service line and the position of the service cutouts and meters in consultation with consumer and/or his Licensed Electrical Contractor, prior notice of which will be sent to the consumer. The position of the circuit breakers and the meter shall be so fixed as to permit easy access for the employees of the AP TRANSCO at any time.
      After the inspection of the premises, an estimate will be formulated and go sanctions by the Asst. Engineer from the appropriate authority.

      After having agreed on the conditions laid above, the Assistant Engineer will intimate the consumer for payment of (a) Service Line charges (form extension works); (b) Development charges. (c) Security deposit (this deposit will be taken normally for 3 months consumption charges) as noted in Annexure I or amended from time to time.

      After receipt of the above payment form the consumer the same will be entered into the payment register and at the end of the month the Assistant Engineer will apply Bunch Work Order under simplified procedure in the prescribed work order application. The Asst. Divisional Engineer of the sub-division will issue the work order for the metering equipment.

      The service lines and the metering equipment will be laid and erected by the AP TRANSCO in the order of the date of receipt of payment for service line charges. The service lines once laid shall not be transferred or interfered with or shifted from one place to another except with the permission of the AP TRANSCO. The consumer shall provide service wire and these shall remain the property of the AP TRANSCO. The AP TRANSCO will provide meter and MCB and service lines will be connected to the mains and the service will be released and the test report will be collected in the prescribed proforma and sent to ERO for billing.

      Capital Extension :

      In case of capital extensions upto 100 ft. (30 M) length from the existing lines, the Board will bear the cost of service lines and after 30 M the consumer has to pay the service line charges for his portion. The Service wire shall not be more than 30 meters.

      The estimate for an amount of Rs. 2,000/- will be sanctioned by Asst. Engineer and upto Rs. 10,000/- the sanction will be accorded by Asst. Divisional Engineer of the sub - division. The consumer will be intimated for payment of service line charges, Development charges and security deposit as in force to time.
      After receipt of the payment from the consumer, the Asst. Engineer will apply for the work order and after receipt of work order from Divisional Engineer/Operation, the work will be taken up by the Asst. Engineer. The service will be released to the consumer after completion of the works by the Department and the test report will be collected from the consumer.

      Category III - LT Industrial Supply:

      A consumer requiring supply for industrial purpose shall obtain the necessary license or permission from the local authority or any other competent authority as might be required under the stature, prior the requisitioning of supply form the Board, the consumer must give minimum one month notice before the supply or additional supply’s required.

      The estimate will be formulated by the Asst. Engineer and the Asst. Divisional Engineer will sanction the estimate if the supply is existing near the consumer's premises.

      After the sanction, the consumer will be intimated for payment of the charges such as service line charges, security deposit and Development charges. The consumer has to enter into an LT agreement with the Board for a minimum of period of two years. The ADE/Operation will conclude the LT agreement.

      Inspection & Testing:

      After the receipt of work order from Asst. Divisional Engr. The AE inspects the premises and tests the installation of the consumer. The insulation resistance of the entire installation to earth shall be tested from the installation side of the Board's terminals after closing of switches of all fittings such as lights, fan motors etc. In the consumer premises. The insulation resistance in mega ohms of an installation measured shall be not less than 50 divided by the number of points on the circuit, provided that the whole installation need not be required to have an insulation resistance greater than one mega ohm. Every LT consumer using induction using Induction motors shall install LT shunt capacitors of specified rating. (page VI - 74)

      After completion of the above tests and inspection the service will be released by the AE and the test report collected will be sent to ERO for billing.

      Category IV - Cottage Industries:

      Applicable for supply of energy to bonafide small scale cottage industries having contracted load not exceeding 5 HP. Applicable for community Dhobighats of washerman using motive power for pumping water for washing purpose.

      Category V - Agricultural Service:

      Applicable for supply of energy for irrigation and agricultural purposes upto a connected load of 75 HP.
      The application - cum - agreement form with an application fee of Rs.25/- for registration to be handed over in the office of Section Officer of the area.

      Estimates for extension of pump sets are prepared after field survey by the section Officer. Wherever applications are available a cluster approach is adopted and estimate sanctioned on the basis of the average cost per pump set as per the norms set by the Board.

      The fact of sanction of estimate will be informed to the applicant. If the application cannot be sanctioned on technical/financial grounds the party will be informed accordingly within six months. Such application will be again reviewed every six months and sanctioned when they became feasible.

      An amount of Rs. 30/- per HP is to be paid as security deposit and Rs. 25/- per HP as service connection charges in the form of crossed DD payable to Asst. Accounts Officer (Revenue) and Asst. Accounts Officer (Expenditure), AP TRANSCO accordingly. The consumer will have to enter into an agreement with Board for a minimum period of 2 years in the prescribed form supplied by Board free of cost.

      The applications are registered in seriatim and the sanction for the viable estimates will also be given in the same priority. The priority will be followed waver for release of service connections. No time limit is fixed for release of agricultural services as the demand is for more than the annual targets. However, strict seniority of sanction will be followed and priority list and Manual action planes listing the beneficiaries will e put up on the Notice Board and also placed before the constituency advisory committee. Two months before the probable date of release, the section officer will send intimation to the prospective consumer about the same.

      Category VI - Public Lighting:

      Applicable for supply of energy for lighting on public roads, streets, through fares including parks. markets, cart stands, bridges and for traffic signaling. The requisition for supply will be from panchayats, Municipalities and from Corporations. The entire cost of the estimate will be come by the requisitioned authority for supply of energy on the public places. Applicable for PWS schemes in the local bodies.

      Category VII - General Purpose:

      Applicable for supply of energy to places of worship like churches, temples, mosques, guru wars, educational institutions and student hostels, charitable institutions and recognized service institutions. The procedure will be same as above under Category 1 & II.

      Category VIII - Temporary Supply:

      For supply of energy to all categories other than irrigation and agriculture. The supply will be released to the consumer with short notice after collecting the deposit including urgency charges for the period contracted. The estimate will be formulated for the contracted load x no. of dary x no. of hours (6 Hours/day as per transformer) x rate.

      HT Supply - Category I & II:

      The tariff applicable for supply of electricity to HT consumers having loads with a contracted demand of 70 KVA and above.

      In case of HT consumers, longer notice which may extend to six months or more may be required to enable the TRANSCO to make necessary arrangement for such supply, which will be subject to its availability in the system. The application for requisition should be given in six copies with Rs. 100/- application fee and registered in SE/OP Office.


      Public hearings are being conducted in deciding the tariffs from the public. For the year 2005-06 these public hearings have been conducted at Tirupati. In these hearings the total revenue of the organization and expenditure of the organization is exhibited to the public. These hearings are being conducted under the supervision of Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission. The suggestions given by the
      Public are taken in to the consideration while finalizing the tariffs.

      Advisory Committees: As per the instructions of Government of Andhra Pradesh, District level committee constituency Advisory Committee and village level committees were formed to review the power supply status at various levels. As per the Government Order the committees are formed as follows: