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The district headquarters is cuddapah. It was formerly called Kripangar. But many argue that the name cuddapah meaning gate is more appropriate. It is on the way to Tirupati as the main gate and so it is fitting to call it.


The following are the Geographical and commercial details of Kadapa Circle :

  1 Area in Sq. KM 15359  
  2 No. of Domestic Services 575650  
  3 No. of Non Domestic & Commercial Services 55694  
  4 No. of LT Industrial Services 3390  
  5 No. of Cottage Industries and Dhobighats Services 339  
  6 No. of Agricultural Services 129789  
  7 No. of P W S & Street Light Services 6652  
  8 No. of General Purpose  Services 4126  
  9 No. of Temporary Services 2  
  10 No. of LT Services 775642  
  11 No. of HT Services 328  
  12 No. of 220 KV Substations 7  
  13 No. of 132 KV Substations 14  
  14 No. of 33/11 KV Substations 272  
  15 No. of Distribution Transformers 85895  
  16 No. of 11 KV Feeders 916  
  17 No. of 33 KV Feeders 99  
  18 No. of Divisions 6  
  19 No. of Sub-Divisions 20  
  20 No. of Sections 73  
  21 No. of ERO s / SUB-ERO s 14  


Important Places

Surabhi : There are roughly 20 hamlets in this village. Formerly Surabhi was in use for Agraharam. In this village was started Sri Sarada Vinodini Nataka Sabha or Surabhi Company in 1889 by Vanarasa Govinda Rao. It is renowned in the entire state and in other states also.

Tallapaka : It is at a distance of 3kms north of Rajampet. It is the birthplace of the famous composer Tallapaka Annamacharya. He lived in n16th century A.D.

Ontimitta : Kodanda Rama Swami temple is here. French traveler Tavernier described is as one of the most beautiful temples in India. The Sanctum Sanctorum and annex structures were built in a vast area. The temple is very high. The canopy is built with 32 pillars. It is called Madhya Ranga Mandapam. Tavernier visited this place in 1652 A.D. he was astonished at the freedom the people here enjoyed. The archeological department is renovating it.

Rivers : Penneru is the river supplying water to cuddapah. Chitravati, Kunderu or Kumudwathi, Papagni, Sagileru and Cheyyeru are the tributaries. Bahuda, Pincha, Mandali, Pullangi and gunjana are tributaries to Cheyyeru. Tummalavanka straight flows into penneru. Penneru originates in chennakesava gutta in chennakesava hills. This is in the south west of Nandi durga of kolar in Karnataka. It is called Uttara Pinakini, because Dakshina Pinakini, that is Ponnayar, also is born here, but flows through Tamilnadu, Penneru River starts in Chenna Kesava hill and comes down southwest flows through Goribidnur town and enters Andhra.

Climate: From December to February it is dry and cool. From March to May it will be summer. From June to September southwest monsoon. From then rains recede. Rains increase form northeast to southeast. Average rainfall in a year is 697mm. Southwest monsoon rains account for 374mm, Northeast rains for 242mm.
Agriculture and Industries : Black corson soil lands are 24% black soil 19% sandy soil lands 4% red soil lands 25%. The first variety lands are very fertile. Sand soil lands are not so fertile. ‘Korra’, orange, lime and betel leaf are the special crops. They are cultivated near river beds. This district is the repository of mineral wealth. As per the 1983 survey of geological survey of India 30lakh tons of lead, 740lakh tons of barrettes, 27000tons asbestos deposits are there. It is estimated that 700lakh tons of barites deposits might be there in Mangampet. There are clay deposits in Rajampet. This is used to make stone implements. Limestone is available in Erragunta, M/s. Coramandal Fertilizers established a cement factory with an annual yield of 10lakh tons. Bharat cement corporation increases its capacity to 10lakh tons. National mineral development corporation is extracting asbestos in Brahman palli and barieties in Mangampet.

The forest area is 5.05lakh hectors. It is 32.87% of the district area. It is learnt that elephants required for Golconda army were supplied from here. In the northeast part of the district rainfall is high. Red sandalwood is available in plenty. This is the only area in India where red sandalwood is available. A National park is set up in Seshachalam hills for prospecting wild animals. 181 are employed in the only one paper industry in the district and its capital investment is Rs.227lakhs. There are mineral related industries and electrical instruments industries. Texmaco Ltd, India Cement Ltd, Corus India Ltd are the other industries.