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This coastal district is 439sq.kms. It is on the southern side of the Krishna. Here are found the sculptural morends of thousands of years old. So it is considered to be one of oldest inhabited areas. The capital of the Satavahanas who came on the heels of the Mouryas is Dhanya Kataka. This town was their capital for four and a half centuries and became the seat of Andhra culture and civilization. Today that town is Dharmikota a small village. Amaravati, which made Andhra famous in history, is near this Dharmikota.


  The following are the Geographical and commercial details of Guntur Circle :  

  1 Area in Sq. KM 11391  
  2 No. of Domestic Services 1212798  
  3 No. of Non Domestic & Commercial Services 120993  
  4 No. of LT Industrial Services 7625  
  5 No. of Cottage Industries and Dhobighats Services 118  
  6 No. of Agricultural Services 77909  
  7 No. of P W S & Street Light Services 7532  
  8 No. of General Purpose  Services 8048  
  9 No. of Temporary Services 1  
  10 No. of LT Services 1435024  
  11 No. of HT Services 1058  
  12 No. of 220 KV Substations 3  
  13 No. of 132 KV Substations 15  
  14 No. of 33/11 KV Substations 233  
  15 No. of Distribution Transformers 48080  
  16 No. of 11 KV Feeders 617  
  17 No. of 33 KV Feeders 103  
  18 No. of Divisions 7  
  19 No. of Sub-Divisions 24  
  20 No. of Sections 88  
  21 No. of ERO s / SUB-ERO s 18  



Amaravati is 35kms from Guntur in northwest. It is a good tourist spot. Through out the year many people visit this place. Pujas are held on Maha Sivaratri day. World famous Buddhist Stupa is here. Some inscriptions are there on it in Pali script.

Rivers :The Krishna enters the district from northwest. It separates Achampet from Palnadu. It includes Jarrivagu, Dindi River after flowing to some distance. It turns northeast then and touches Nagarjuna Konda. It includes in it Chandra vagu also. Naguleru is another important river. It is born at Nayakurali Nagamma at Vinukonda. There are many streams and rivulets addition to these. Gundlakamma is born in Kurnool and enters the district in Vinukonda taluk. Since it is for the most part dry it is not useful for agriculture.

Climate :Usually hot. More so in summer. Summer is February to June. During April-May it is simmering heat. Average rainfall is 890mm from southwest monsoon it gets 560mm rain and from northeast 252mm. The area near Prakasam district has more rains.

Agriculture and Industry :In the areas having irrigation facilities paddy, groundnut and cotton are cultivation. Apart from these are cultivated tobacco, chilies and groundnut. They are rain fed crops. In the coastline vegetables and cashew are cultivated. Search for diamonds was conducted at Kolluru in Sattenapalli taluk. French Traveler Taparniar wrote that 60 thousand people use employed in this search. Limestone is available in Palnadu region. Limestone useful for carnet is available here. Forestland lands extend to 8563.77kms.     This can be divided into three categories. 1) On the plains 2) Fire wood forests 3) forests in low scopes. The coastline is 43kms. Fishing industry is popular Nidubrolu, Bapatla and Nandivelugu are centers of fish breeding.

Literacy :It occupies 9th place in the state. Nagarjuna University was established for Krishna, Prakasam and Guntur districts at Guntur. It was elevated to university status from postgraduate level.