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This district has 8727Sq.kms area. Krishna River flows through this district and so the name. The land is very fertile. Habitation can be traced to ancient times. During Mourya Empire period this district was inhabited. After the death of Ashoka at the end 3rd century B.C. Andhra Satavahanas defied Mourya rule established independent empire and ruled from Srikakulam as their capital which is on the banks of the Krishna. Further, machilipatnam and Rajamundry were amalgamated into Krishna, Godavari districts in 1859.


The following are the Geographical and commercial details of Krishna Circle :
  1 Area in Sq. KM 8727  
  2 No. of Domestic Services 1145049  
  3 No. of Non Domestic & Commercial Services 129939  
  4 No. of LT Industrial Services 11234  
  5 No. of Cottage Industries and Dhobighats Services 644  
  6 No. of Agricultural Services 84513  
  7 No. of P W S & Street Light Services 7448  
  8 No. of General Purpose  Services 9438  
  9 No. of Temporary Services 0  
  10 No. of LT Services 1388265  
  11 No. of HT Services 1116  
  12 No. of 220 KV Substations 5  
  13 No. of 132 KV Substations 11  
  14 No. of 33/11 KV Substations 227  
  15 No. of Distribution Transformers 41873  
  16 No. of 11 KV Feeders 525  
  17 No. of 33 KV Feeders 98  
  18 No. of Divisions 7  
  19 No. of Sub-Divisions 23  
  20 No. of Sections 90  
  21 No. of ERO s / SUB-ERO s 20  

Important Places

Vijayawada : The population of vijayawada is 7,07,817. There are many temples here and Bhramaramba on Indrakiladri is famous. Malleswara Swamy temple, Kanakadurga Temple and Vijayeswara Temple are also famous. Sivaratri, festivals are celebrated grandly.

Rivers : The Krishna is the most important. This river touches northwest of Krishna district through Kurnool and Guntur districts. It flows 100 miles and joins the Bay of Bengal at Hamsala Deevi. Another river is Tammilleru. It flows through the boundaries of Tiruvuru and Nuzivid and enters west Godavari. The tributary of the Krishna is Muneru. It flows through Jaggayyapet and Nandigama.

Climate : Very hot in summer, cold in winter, rainfall also is high. The average rainfalls 1029mm. 672mm comes from southwest monsoon and 277 mm from northeast it gets reduced.

Agriculture and Industries : All the land is arable, crops are grown in 83% the land. Black soil and alluvial soil and famous red soil are present. Food grains are grown in 89.98 percent lands. In this 59.64 is paddy crop. 'PonukuÂ’ variety of food available near kondapalli is used for making dolls and toys. The world renowned Kohinoor and Hopi diamonds were found in this district. National mineral development corporation office was set up in November 1983 at Chanda to explore precious stones and diamonds. Till January 1984 this corporation discovered three diamonds of 0.96carats. Fishing is wide in this district. Mainly it is wide in Gudivada and Machilipatnam areas.

Literacy : This district stand out third in literacy.